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The Consequences of Inadequate Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Last updated 2 years ago

Unfortunately, along with fun, teambuilding, and competition, sports can be an activity in which athletes receive injuries. Sometimes these injuries are minor, like a twisted ankle, and require just a bit of rest and care before they heal completely. However, some of these injuries are serious and require orthopedic surgery and physical therapy to recuperate entirely. Even though the time and effort required to rehabilitate a sports injury may seem daunting, this article will explain the reasons why dedicating yourself to your recovery with a sports medicine specialist is the best choice you can make.

High Likelihood of Re-injury
Without proper rehabilitation or necessary surgeries, injuries that result in tears to muscle or tissue, like a dislocated shoulder, can cause permanent weakening. These muscles and tissues, if not healed properly, will tear more easily the next time they are overstressed or overexerted. Proper treatment of this type of injury can protect the injury site from repeated tearing.

Decrease in Strength
A sports injury that is not rehabilitated can result in permanent weakening of the injured muscles, tendons, or bones. If the athlete’s body is not strong and healthy, he or she will see a decrease in performance in competition and practice because of these weakened structures.

Loss of Mobility
In the long term, many sports injuries that do not receive proper care will result in loss of mobility. Joints that have been damaged will become prone to swelling with age, which results in arthritis.

Lasting Brain Injury
Athletes with concussions are often sent back into play quickly. However, repeated concussions, especially those that are not treated, can lead to permanent physical and mental problems long after any concussion symptoms have resolved. Proper treatment of concussions is integral to preventing permanent damage.

If you have a sports injury and need treatment, contact TOCA in the Phoenix or Scottsdale area. We serve Arizona residents with professional orthopedic care and rehabilitation for sports injuries. Call us today at (602) 639-4027.


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