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Why You Shouldn't Try To Compete When Injured

Last updated 2 years ago

Suffering an athletic injury can be frustrating when you want to return to your game, but it is important to give your body proper healing time to avoid future complications. Once you have sustained an injury, keep an open dialog with your orthopedic surgeon and discuss when it is appropriate to incorporate more intense physical activity back into your training. By following the suggestions of your doctor, you can avoid problems like those listed below.

  • Further injury: When an area of the body is injured, it is more likely to suffer further injury when pressure is applied through strenuous activity. You should introduce physical activity back into your routine slowly with the help of a physical therapist if the injury is severe. Once you feel comfortable with light exercise, you can start rebuilding your training regimen. Be aware that the break in your regular training activities will cause muscles to weaken, so a gradual approach is best.

  • Longer recovery time: By trying to speed up your recovery with a quick reintroduction to competition, you can actually lengthen your total recovery time. Some injuries like sprains and fractures will take weeks to fully heal, so you should be patient and get plenty of rest while recovering.
  • Compromised performance: Many athletes who try to hurry up their recovery and return to the field too quickly will have a harder time getting back to their best game. You may even compromise your athletic career by trying to rush into a performance by causing yourself more severe injury or injury to other areas of the body trying to compensate for the initial trauma.

If you are an athlete who has been sidelined because of a performance injury, contact the physicians at The Orthopedic Clinic Association by calling (602) 639-4027 or visiting our website. TOCA’s staff members are specialists in sports medicine, and we can offer you the personalized care needed to restore your abilities.


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